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“Fragma means little pieces of a puzzle. Piecing them together, they’ll form a whole.”

And that’s exactly what we tried to achieve with this project. Developing the perfect pieces to fit the aesthetic puzzle that is the Fragma restaurant. Adding a visual layer to the dining experience results in a journey which not only triggers your tasting senses, but also awakens your sight.


The Occasional is not just a side table. It’s a piece which takes you back to the early 1950s and 1960s. A nostalgic time in which show cooking formed a wondrous hype. Since Fragma cares greatly about their customer’s dining experience, they chose to bring this iconic item back as a companion piece to each little dining island.


— The side table is custom made to accommodate the wine list perfectly

— The side table holds a cutlery drawer, adding to its luxurious look

— Pedestal in full solid walnut – finished with beeswax

— Movable/mobile base

— Elegant detail milled on the side

— Top layer in an organic shape, finished with brass and wax creating a natural process

Apart from our signature Atelier Fontein design pieces, we also develop bespoke items, personalized to meet your demands.