Rooted in Belgian craftsmanship

Atelier Fontein Poel collectie Isidorus Bijzettafel Amandus Fritz stoel

Collection 01: Poel

“I seize opportunities. I have an open mind. Inspiration is in everything. Everything has potential. I surround myself with sustainability and authenticity. That environment stimulates creation. Material is my guide. Tactility is my foothold. I live when I create. I create what I feel. Eight characters, stemming from the POEL.”


The “Poel” collection features 8 characterful objects. Striking pieces that focus on functionality, only to transcend that functionality afterwards. All 8 pieces are created from lost material with a strong focus on sustainability, craftsmanship and qualitative material. Lidwin. Servaas. Fritz. Renatus. Rudolf. Amandus. Isidorus. Brutuus. Top notch Belgian characters with a story.

Collection 02: Nazca

“Nobody knows the exact meaning of the Nazca lines. Dozens of figures, animals, geometric shapes and up to a thousand lines in the high plains of Peru. Preserved for thousands of years. Intended as religious expressions or purely as irrigation canals. NAZCA. A mystery as great as the desert itself.”


The “Nazca” collection consists of five distinctive and playful objects. Iguana, Mono, Loro, Ballena and Espiral are all characterized by the same interplay of lines and form a meaningful ensemble. Just like the Nazca lines, the sight of them will leave you wondering.

Atelier Fontein - NAZCA collection - sustainable quality - design pieces - Van Wesepoel - striking furniture


Atelier Fontein

Atelier Fontein. That’s four generations of furniture makers. A passion for craftsmanship. A focus on Belgian quality. A fondness for natural materials. A fascination for technique. A feeling for aesthetics. A necessity for functionality. A vision on furniture.


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