Rooted in Belgian craftsmanship


“I seize opportunities. I have an open mind. Inspiration is in everything. Everything has potential. I surround myself with sustainability and authenticity. That environment stimulates creation. Material is my guide. Tactility is my foothold. I live when I create. I create what I feel. Eight characters, stemming from the POEL.”

“Nobody knows the exact meaning of the Nazca lines. Dozens of figures, animals, geometric shapes and up to a thousand lines in the high plains of Peru. Preserved for thousands of years. Intended as religious expressions or purely as irrigation canals. NAZCA. A mystery as great as the desert itself.”


Our design pieces figure in a number of different projects, both nationally and internationally. From being iconic eye-catchers starring in a luxury dining experience to being undeniably part of artistic travels in a boutique hotel in the south of France. These projects all have one thing in common: they each strive to create the perfect picture.


Atelier Fontein

Atelier Fontein. That’s four generations of furniture makers. A passion for craftsmanship. A focus on Belgian quality. A fondness for natural materials. A fascination for technique. A feeling for aesthetics. A necessity for functionality. A vision on furniture.


Triggered to purchase an object? Or interested in offering one of Atelier Fontein’s collections as a point of sale? Pieter-Jan is all ears.